The ISLA story

Hi, I'm Paula, the founder of ISLA.

After my studies in engineering and working as a consultant in fashion, I realized the production system for clothes had been built in the industrial era and wasn't using resources efficiently, from a financial nor an environmental perspective. The linear production system of take-make-dispose, is outdated and wasteful for our planet. Which is why I felt the need to create ISLA, to reinvent the fashion system and reduce the industry's waste.

Just in 2020, brands lost more than 150B€ worldwide due to excess inventory, not to mention the carbon footprint created for these products that are never used and end up being destroyed. The same thing happens for ecommerce returns, defected garments etc. With increased regulations and backlash from customers to find sustainable solutions it's a problem increasingly urgent for brands.

ISLA first started in 2020 through a marketplace that empowered upcycling creatives sell and produce their pieces. At the same time, through my job as a consultant for fashion brands I managed to get excess inventory from the brands to be given to the upcyclers. And so ISLA started to become the platform that connects fashion's waste with local upcyclers that revalue it.

Through ISLA we're reducing the industry's waste through empowering the upcycling ecosystem of designers. 

Through ISLA brands are able to select which upcyclers have access to their stock, which allows them to control their brand image.

Thanks to ISLA, brands are able to reduce their waste, empower a new generation of upcycling designers, and take responsability for what they produce. We help fashion brands align the three P's - planet, people and profit.

If you're curious as to how upcycling can help your brand, don't hesitate to send an email to:

Let’s create a zero-waste future of fashion, together.