The ISLA Team

Hi, we’re Paula and Laura. We are the co-founders of ISLA.

After meeting during our MS in Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris, we decided to unite and create ISLA to help the fashion industry fight its huge waste problem.

Just in 2020, brands lost more than 150B€ worldwide due to excess inventory. It is a historic problem for the fashion industry with outdated solutions such as flash sales or donations, that are harmful for the brand and the environment. With increased regulations and backlash from customers to find sustainable solutions to manage this excess stock, it's a problem increasingly urgent for brands.

During 2020, we worked in upcycling by creating a marketplace for upcycling creatives. We realized this technique of making new products out of what already exists would help brands revalue all of this excess inventory, in a virtuous way for the planet and the own brands. However, brands aren't able to internalise upcycling as they lack the specialized ressources the upcycling value chain requires.

That's why we created ISLA, to make upcycling an industry wide practice accessible to all brands. We provide brands the capacity to externalise upcycling while allowing them to control the creative direction of the upcycling collection, to make sure they are in control of their brands DNA. Thanks to ISLA, brands are able to (re)create new products out of what they already own. Helping fashion brands align the three P's - planet, people and profit.

If you're curious as to how upcycling can help your brand, don't hesitate to send an email to:

Let’s create a zero-waste future of fashion, together.


Paula and Laura